Putting a computer in a drawer (part 2)

In the second post on this project we’ll talk about the modification of the cabinet box. A few things are obvious. A couple are not. We’ll start with the simple things first. We’re going to need a way of getting cables through the countertop. This will provide a route for the speaker cables, the monitorRead moreRead more

Putting a computer in a drawer (part 1)

We have several computers around the house. The office, the entertainment center, the piano room (see my music page), and the kitchen. There’ll be an additional one in the garage (my shop) sometime in the future, but that’s not what this post is about. We’re looking at the one in the kitchen. It’s primarily usedRead moreRead more

Media storage bench

I’ll try to put together a pdf with the plans for the thing in the future.  Here’s a couple pics of the media storage bench.

First multitouch experiments

One of the first questions that has to be answered before I can build a table as proposed is whether or not IR light will go through an LCD panel, even when it is completely obscurred (black). Since I’ve got a dying (the backlight is going out) LCD monitor lying around, I’ll experiment with it.Read moreRead more

Putting a Drawer in a Couch

So we’ve got this sectional sofa in our living room. The other day I was noting how the vast majority of the volume taken up by the thing is just air. I also noted that the living room has a distinct lack of good storage space. I’m not sure where everybody else keeps all theirRead moreRead more