Halloween 2013

Sean felt like making costumes this year. So K~ became a gypsy and Dawnetta revealed her inner pirate (arrr!). A~ and R~ went as demigods from Camp Halfblood (see Percy Jackson), but Sean didn’t make their costumes.

New Year’s Ball 2012-2013

R~ wanted a nice dress to wear to the New Year’s dance, so we went pattern shopping. When she couldn’t find one particular pattern she liked, she commented that she liked the top from one and the skirt from another. So we combined the two, and “Ta-da!”

Modified WordPress 2.5 internal widgets

Okay. So I’m a bit nitpicky. There are a couple things that bothered me about some of the internal WordPress widgets, so I modified the “widgets.php” file (found in the wp-includes directory) to fix the things that I didn’t like. Here’s what I did: * I added a “depth” field to the page list widgetRead moreRead more

Putting a computer in a drawer (part 2)

In the second post on this project we’ll talk about the modification of the cabinet box. A few things are obvious. A couple are not. We’ll start with the simple things first. We’re going to need a way of getting cables through the countertop. This will provide a route for the speaker cables, the monitorRead moreRead more

Putting a computer in a drawer (part 1)

We have several computers around the house. The office, the entertainment center, the piano room (see my music page), and the kitchen. There’ll be an additional one in the garage (my shop) sometime in the future, but that’s not what this post is about. We’re looking at the one in the kitchen. It’s primarily usedRead moreRead more