Halloween 2015

Katelyn’s costume

The cloak is an older Butterick B6796.  Katelyn did the makeup herself.  Scary!


Rayna’s dragon wings

Just about everything here is custom. The dress started as a Butterick B4343, but we added sleeves and a modesty panel. The corset is a heavily modified Butterick B5797. The skeleton for the wings is made of PVC and ABS, with some 3D printed parts and some CNC (computer-guided router) parts. The skin for the wings is a custom designed pattern, hand-drawn on butcher paper.


Aryssa’s costume

I’m not sure what character she is, but she wore it well.

DSC_0029 DSC_0023


Aryssa’s “Illuminati Demon” and Rayna’s “Big Bad Wolf”.

Illuminati Demon Big Bad Wolf