First multitouch experiments

One of the first questions that has to be answered before I can build a table as proposed is whether or not IR light will go through an LCD panel, even when it is completely obscurred (black). Since I’ve got a dying (the backlight is going out) LCD monitor lying around, I’ll experiment with it.

To make a things short, the experiment was successful, and IR light does go through the panel uninhibited, provided one of the diffuser films is removed. I don’t know my diffuser films, but the one that has to be removed appears to be of a holographic or diffusion grating type, and it appears to be metalized. I’ll try to get a pic up later, but suffice it to say it’s kind-of silvery, and looking through it has some rather strange effects.

The experiment entailed disassembling the monitor and cutting the back panel (aluminum) off the LCD panel module. In the pic below you’ll see the controller board re-attached to the aluminum panel that was cut off the back. I’ll try to get some more pics up in days to come.

Multitouch LCD experiments