India adventure day 8

Our eighth day of touring takes us up into the mountains, to the Ranakpur temple. This temple is a large Jain temple situated in the jungle.  They’re pretty strict with what you can bring into the temple — no food or drink, no leather, no immodest clothing (bare shoulders, shorts, etc.), and no menstruating females.  (I wonder how many tourists actually admit to the last one).  If you’d like to read the full text of the restrictions sign, I’ve included it at the end of this post.

You can’t take pictures of the idols, but you can take pictures of the architecture.  The structure is built of elaborately carved marble and sandstone, and is the most impressive we’ve seen to date.

Our hotel for the night is also impressive, and easily my favorite so far.  The Aodhi is a stone complex claiming to share architectural cues with Kumbhalgarth fort (which we’ll be touring tomorrow). Quiet and secluded in the jungle, it’s a very welcome break from the hubbub of city noise and commotion that we’ve been encountering. I’d highly recommend it.

A fun thing: there are tiny frogs on the grounds here at The Aodhi.  They remind me of the frogs I had on my mission, though they lack the toe pads of tree frogs.

Other pictures from the day:

The restriction sign at Ranakpur reads thus (typos and punctuation included):


1. It is a place of worship.  Please maintain its sacredness. Co-operate in management by following these Rules.
2. Timing for visitors/tourists: 12.00 noon to 5 pm.
3. Audio Guide facility available for visitor’s Entry- Cum – Audio guide fee Rs. 200.00
4. Guiding in the temple is strictly prohibited for foreigners audio guide is compulsory.
5. Taking photograph of Idols are strictly prohibited.If any visitor or tourists intends to photograph or video recording of sculpture minus Idols,he can take photograph from own camera and video recording from own video recorder on payment.
6. Touching Idols and carvings are prohibited.
7. In Jain temple any person, who intends to worship Tirthankar can worship according to Jain mode of worship . In Jain mode of worship there is no mediator like other religious mode of worship.(Please contact office for information regarding Jain mode of worship)
8. Following articles are strictly prohibited in the temple.
a. Any type of edibles and drink including water.
b. Any type of leather articles such as belt,purse,pouch bag etc.
c. Cigarettes, tobacco and any other toxicants.
d. Mobile phone,Camera, Video, Radio, Transistor, Umbrella etc.
e. Any type of weapon and other prohibited article.
f. Shoes, footwear etc.
9. Donation may be deposited in Office against receipt only.
10. In Temple and Campus entry of persons wearing shorts, lungi, half pent, mini-skirt etc. i.e. disrespectful dress is prohibited.
11. To maintain sacredness of Temple entry of ladies during menstruation-period is prohibited.
12 No tips to employees either inside Temple or outside. For gift to employees ” Employees Gift Box” is kept in office.
13. Lokers are available for valuables of Visitors/Tourists.
14. Please follows directions of security officers for proper maintenance and management of Temple.
By Orders
Board of Trustees
15. All visitors availing Audio Guide facility need to deposit original Photo I.D.