Modified WordPress 2.5 internal widgets

Okay. So I’m a bit nitpicky. There are a couple things that bothered me about some of the internal WordPress widgets, so I modified the “widgets.php” file (found in the wp-includes directory) to fix the things that I didn’t like. Here’s what I did:

* I added a “depth” field to the page list widget control. This allows you to limit the branch display on the page list without having to include every post in the “exclude” list.

* I added a title to the search widget. (This implies that the search widget now has a control panel).

* Fixed styling on the archive widget so it renders similarly to other widgets. What this means is that I encapsulated the text input in a set of <p> </p> tags.

That’s about it. I’ll submit the file to WordPress to see how they react, but it’s here for the taking if you want it. (Make sure you rename the file to “widgets.php” after you download it).

Modified widgets.php file for WordPress 2.5