India adventure day 11

Today we headed into the desert for a “safari retreat”.  Ultimately our destination is a small town named Osian, locally pronounced “ocean”.  We make a stop along the way, though, in Mandore to see some gardens and break up the drive. Once upon a time this would have been a nice city park, but currentlyRead moreRead more

India adventure day 10

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here ten days already. Time seemed to creep when we first arrived. Now it’s going too quickly. Day ten began with a sunrise hike up “elephant hill”, so named because it’s shaped like an elephant, and it has an elephant statute at the top.  The mountain itself reminds meRead moreRead more

India adventure day 9

Our guide claims that Kumbhalgarh is the only fort in India that has never been conquered through traditional military endeavors.  It was supposedly captured once long ago by subterfuge when invaders managed to plant a spy and poison the water supply. Stats are impressive: 22 miles of 15-foot thick perimeter wall (second only to theRead moreRead more

India adventure day 8

Our eighth day of touring takes us up into the mountains, to the Ranakpur temple. This temple is a large Jain temple situated in the jungle.  They’re pretty strict with what you can bring into the temple — no food or drink, no leather, no immodest clothing (bare shoulders, shorts, etc.), and no menstruating females. Read moreRead more

India adventure day 7

It has to be a good day when you start with breakfast from a balcony overlooking the lake… Today we saw some sites in Udaipur.  Because the streets in this portion of the city are so narrow, they don’t allow cars. Thus, we walked everywhere. The first stop was a large Hindu temple. You don’tRead moreRead more