Media storage bench

I’ll try to put together a pdf with the plans for the thing in the future.  Here’s a couple pics of the media storage bench.

First multitouch experiments

One of the first questions that has to be answered before I can build a table as proposed is whether or not IR light will go through an LCD panel, even when it is completely obscurred (black). Since I’ve got a dying (the backlight is going out) LCD monitor lying around, I’ll experiment with it.Read moreRead more

Putting a Drawer in a Couch

So we’ve got this sectional sofa in our living room. The other day I was noting how the vast majority of the volume taken up by the thing is just air. I also noted that the living room has a distinct lack of good storage space. I’m not sure where everybody else keeps all theirRead moreRead more

A fantasy novel begins

So this project started with a dream I had one night. Strangely, I awoke with a full recollection of the dream, which I promptly wrote down and turned into Chapter 1. I’m now approaching the 200-page mark, so there’s still some ground to cover before it’s publishable. A bit ambitious for an amateur, but IRead moreRead more

Lasers! gets its own web site

Sean has officially setup, a web site for his contribution to linux and the open-source community. Visit the site for more information.