India adventure day 6

Our day began in Chittorgarh with a walk through some areas that we hadn’t covered the day before.  We found our way to another large palace that we couldn’t walk through.  It was right on the shore of a lake, and looked to be quite pretty.   Following the walk we had breakfast, which wasRead moreRead more

India adventure day 5

The days are beginning to blur together a bit more as the adventure continues.  Dawnetta and I find it hard sometimes to remember which city we were in given a particular ruin, or which ruin we toured given a particular city. It’s a sure sign that you’re covering a lot of ground. Day 5 wasRead moreRead more

India adventure day 4

Today was a bit more relaxed. A three-hour drive into a rural area took us to Fort Barli, a working fort dating back 350 years that has been converted to a hotel.  The current proprietor is a sixteenth-generation descendant of the original builder, who was himself the third son in the royal family at theRead moreRead more

India adventure day 3

Today we toured Jaipur- also known as the pink city, starting with what our tour guide says is one of the most photographed buildings in India — the Hawa Mahal, or “wind palace”.  The view from the street is actually the back of the palace. The structure contains over 900 little windows that can beRead moreRead more

India adventure day 2

What a day! Today was a very busy day, and thinking back over it it’s difficult to believe that we did all this in one day.  Now that I say that, however, I guess it isn’t so difficult to believe. We are mildly insane sometimes. 🙂 The day started at 5:00 AM. The idea wasRead moreRead more