India adventure day 1

So today the real adventure began. We packed up and had a quick breakfast, then hooked up with our driver and headed to church.  It’s always a tad different attending church in other countries. You get a real sense of how different the cultures can be. I find it fun.  The members were all veryRead moreRead more

India adventure day 0

Let the adventure begin!  In celebration of 25 years together, we decided to have a big adventure.  India was chosen as the destination.  Our route over went from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, then Rome, and finally Delhi.   After over 24 hours of planes and airports, and finally landing at about 1:15 AM, weRead moreRead more

Halloween 2015

Katelyn’s costume The cloak is an older Butterick B6796.  Katelyn did the makeup herself.  Scary! Rayna’s dragon wings Just about everything here is custom. The dress started as a Butterick B4343, but we added sleeves and a modesty panel. The corset is a heavily modified Butterick B5797. The skeleton for the wings is made ofRead moreRead more

Mahnken’s Zoo is now a blog!

After years of maintaining our site manually, we’ve finally caved and joined the blog revolution. We’re hoping this will allow us to update our site more frequently. We’ll be updating our site over the next few weeks, so look for more content in the days to come!

Sean submits his first copyrights

After years of work (and procrastination), Sean has finally submitted four of his songs for copyright. Yay!