And the cake was…

Why yes, the cake had blue frosting.  How did you know?

Chapter 1 of Sean’s book goes online

After some amount of deliberation (and encouragement from friends), Chapter 1 of Sean’s fantasy novel is available on his writing page. Follow the “Sean’s Projects” link on the main page if you’d like to take a look!

The Mahnken web site gets a face-lift

After being reviewed by Dawnetta, the old web site was judged to be “too engineerish.” Thus, some attempt has been made to refine it a bit. Some construction is still going on, so please pardon the dust… (and report broken links!)

Daddy’s little demons

One of my favorite Halloween pictures.

Lasers! gets its own web site

Sean has officially setup, a web site for his contribution to linux and the open-source community. Visit the site for more information.